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Crafting Waves of Change: Custom Salty Signs Unveils a Sea of Upgrades!

In the realm of coastal craftsmanship, Custom Salty Signs has just taken a thrilling ride on the digital wave! Matt Downey, the captain of this small business, entrusted me with steering his online presence into a new era of excellence.

Upon our initial connection and a thorough exploration of the extensive facets of his business, I eagerly embraced the opportunity to tackle this project. His existing website fell short in truly capturing the magnitude of his offerings and lacked necessary components and a brand story so this challenge was welcomed!

I am super proud to announce the launch of his re-designed website and now Matt's commitment to excellence shines through.

The website introduces exciting features, making the Custom Salty Signs experience even more tailored to the customer's taste. Explore the all-new 'Custom Orders' page, where unique ideas can come to life. For businesses looking to stand out, the 'Wholesale Orders' page is your gateway to exclusive deals.

Navigate through the updated product listings, now infused with verbiage designed to captivate and convert visitors into proud owners of these coastal gems. The addition of gift cards is a great gifting option, ensuring you find the perfect sign that resonates with your salty soul.

The cohesive branding ties everything together, creating an aesthetically pleasing journey from page to purchase.

Join us as we ride the waves of change with Custom Salty Signs, where passion meets craftsmanship, and every sign tells a unique tale of the sea.



Head over to Custom Salty Signs and make sure you subscribe to grab your discount coupon!

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