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Crave Crunch Granola Website Redesign - Before & After

Working with a women-owned company that is dedicated to nutrition - and nature? Ummmm... can you say dream job? Crave Crunch makes organic nutritious healthy nut, seed and granola snacks using nature-friendly packaging.

After initial review of their website, I could see that while a good attempt was made, each page lacked critical components and SEO was non-existent.

My main goal for this particular redesign was to create a more customer-centric focus with photos and verbiage, along with adding proper SEO and cohesive branding.

The initial hero image displayed the product in its packaging, yet it failed to evoke a desire in the visitor to consume it. Therefore, my primary focus was to replace it with a tantalizing photo that would stimulate the appetite.

The about us page should offer a brand story but still be customer focused. Each page, including the page that should tell me about the product, should be tailored to tell the customer why they should buy this particular product and what makes this brand stand apart from the competition.

Overall, this website redesign was an absolute pleasure to take part in, not only because it's a small women-owned business, but also because I strongly believe in the product's health benefits and delicious taste!

Let me know what you think of the outcome!



Head to their website for the full effect and to grab yourself a bag!

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