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Meet Shelly, a visionary entrepreneur whose boundless passion and multifaceted talents have ignited a journey like no other. With a fire for creativity, business acumen, and a deep-seated belief in women's potential, she is dedicated to empowering female visionaries to rise, thrive, and leave an indelible mark in the world of business. Through a unique blend of mentorship, strategic guidance, and a touch of magic, Shelly is on a mission to help her clients not just build a brand, but sculpt it into a legacy of strength, purpose, and unbridled success. Welcome to a space where dreams are nurtured, ideas are revered, and possibilities are boundless.

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My Story

Shelly Straub is a seasoned marketing expert dedicated to helping businesses thrive through innovative brand building, website development, and strategic consulting. With a passion for empowering entrepreneurs and creating impactful marketing solutions, Shelly has built a reputation for transforming visions into reality. Beyond her professional achievements, Shelly bravely shares her personal journey as a breast cancer survivor, offering inspiration and strength to others facing similar challenges. Her resilience and determination in both her career and her personal life serve as a testament to her unwavering spirit and commitment to making a difference. Explore Shelly's breast cancer story and discover her client portfolio to see the incredible work she has accomplished.

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