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Why 4 Clients is Better than 40

why 4 clients is better than 40

In today's Dean Graziosi Zoom session, we delved into the importance of clarifying our business goals. Do you aim for 40 clients, or might focusing on just 4 be more effective for you? Dean highlighted that, depending on your services, 4 may be ample. This perspective shift was eye-opening for me, and I wanted to pass it along.

This "Quality over Quantity" approach extends to marketing too: When clients request a 'social media caption' or similar content, I advise them to visualize me as their ideal audience. Rather than addressing a crowd, speak as if you're engaging with one highly attentive follower. This approach ensures your message resonates authentically and personally.

Applying the "4 is better than 40" principle, craft your content to resonate with 4 engaged followers, rather than 40 strangers. Focus your efforts on nurturing those 4 loyal customers, rather than pursuing 40 one-time sales. For sustained success, your attention should be on cultivating repeat customers. While 40 sales are fantastic, if you already have the attention of 40 individuals, by all means, present your offer. I'm not suggesting that 4 sales outweigh 40, but rather, your energy should be directed towards those already invested followers.

This is how I could approach the 4 is better than 40 method in my business:

ISO: A client who has an insatiable passion and the drive to ensure their business will succeed. A business owner who knows the value of a partner with my knowledge and skillset. A person who is so confident in their service or product that they don't actually 'sell' anyone because the value of their offering is too good to pass up.

With only 4 clients who met that simple standard, charging them $3k per month to handle their website upkeep and social channels, would be enough and I would not seek new clients.

How could this method serve you and do you have clear direction and goals for your business? Without a defined objective, you might settle for whatever comes your way, which is unlikely to spur growth. It's crucial to establish a solid plan and have a specific financial goal in mind to drive your business forward.

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