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The Client I Didn't Know I Needed

The Client I Didn't Know I Needed by Shelly Straub

When I first moved to my new town, I was in a life transition. At 48 years old, I needed to figure out who I was and what I wanted to be when I grew up. I embraced independence and forged new connections. Among these, Tracey Pregon and her soulful circle of women welcomed me with open arms, offering a sense of belonging in a place where I was virtually a stranger.

Crystals by the Sea is the business that Tracey owns and it's where all her passion lies! Her smile is electric, her knowledge of crystals and how they heal is powerful and her energy is contagious. When Tracey initially sought my assistance, I hesitated. With a plate full of responsibilities and a penchant for non-commitment, I treaded cautiously.

Tracey had so much faith in me, that when I said 'not now', she said 'ok, I'll wait'. And she did.

As fate would have it, divine timing intervened. Had we started earlier, the outcome might not be as remarkable. Had she chosen a different path, our journey wouldn't have led us here.

Tracey Pregon

Tracey's trust in me fills me with an indescribable glow. Each interaction, each collaboration, and each brainstorming session leave me brimming with excitement. Some nights, sleep eludes me as my mind races with boundless ideas for her future.

I've always sensed that Tracey possesses depths beyond what meets the eye. I wholeheartedly believe in her ability to propel her business to astounding heights. Together, fueled by our mutual respect and gratitude, an unstoppable synergy propels us forward.

Billie Burke and Tracey Pregon
Billie (L) (my daughter) & Tracey (R)

I've never encountered a client who grants me the freedom to shape and build like Tracey does. Her trust empowers me to run with ideas, to demonstrate the limitless potential I envision. For me, articulating my vision isn't always easy; I'm more inclined to show rather than tell. Tracey understands and allows me that latitude. She knows that her reputation and her business's success are always my top priorities.

Through our journey together, I've come to grasp my purpose. Building businesses is what I excel at, but my true passion lies in empowering women and reshaping their mindset to match my unwavering faith in their abilities.

Tracey's patient anticipation, rooted in a deep knowing, has brought magic into our lives. Our collective energy resonates at a frequency that cannot be denied. We stand precisely where we're meant to be, and I toast to a future full of magical moments!

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