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Shelly is MAGNETIC and worth the wait!!!

Shelly Straub Testimonial by Tracey Pregon

"I first met with Shelly a little over a year ago, several weeks before Hurricane Ian hit FL. Shelly was honest & upfront with her time limitations because of her current obligations as communication hub for a company in Naples due to the devastation in that area. I was so impressed with Shelly when we met and we had such great chemistry, I decided to wait until she became available. I just had "that" feeling!!!

It was the best thing I did as Shelly is an amazing woman to work with. She is extremely positive and efficient in the magic she spins, is so intune to what I am looking to create and has gone above & beyond in every aspect of marketing and helping me grow my business! I highly recommend Shelly if you are starting a business or looking to spice up your current business. She is a magnetic, marketing wizard!"

Tracey Pregon-Balci


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