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She Came for a Logo, She Left with a Website

Wanderlust Massage Logo

The Universe is placing some incredibly amazing women in my path who are looking to grow in business. All are entrepreneurs. All have special talents that make them unique. All are like-minded and we all seem to be aligned and vibrating at a nice high frequency.

Do you know what happens when you put women together with these qualities?


Magic happens.

I met Melissa Graham a couple years ago when she first landed in my neighborhood. The moment I met her, I had a 'knowing' that we would be closer than just acquaintances. Maybe it's because we are both Virgos? Maybe it's because our stories that brought us to this hood are similar? Or maybe it's divine and something greater.

We're in the present timeline now and she sees a post on my facebook page about my graphic design skills so she messages that she needs a logo for her Wanderlust Massage business and asks if could I help her with that.

We meet up for a chat and the magic begins.

Instant comfortability and ease in conversation and as we continue talking, our minds become filled with the possibilities of future growth, girl boss collab opportunities, insane amounts of idea generating... and goosebumps... lots of goosebumps!

She brought me a logo concept and I took a ton of notes about her likes, her vibe, her business and her personality. All of which should take part in her logo that will represent what her business is made of.

Wanderlust Massage and Therapy Logo

I asked about her future and where she sees her business in a year. I also dive into the bonuses of generating repeat business with email automations and how her business life could be better organized and set up for future growth if she had a landing spot for all her current and future clients. A place they could see all her services. A place they could book online and not have to call her for appointment times/dates... (because who likes making phone calls in this day and age). And a place she could use that would showcase what her future business ideas are.

Wanderlust Massage Hand Therapy

Like many, she was doing 'fine' with her current setup so didn't feel a huge push to get a website, nor does she have the knowledge to go down that road. Most business owners do what they do very well so why would they ever be expected to also master online business websites and marketing? That would just expend energy better spent on what they do well and where their passion lies.

My agenda is never to push someone to buy a website or sell someone any of my services. My agenda is always to help a client obtain whatever it is that they came to me for. But after talking with Melissa and hearing her ideas for the future, it was crystal clear that she wants to grow in business. Because I know how to get her there, it would be a dis-service if I did not tell her what I know. That would be just rude not to show someone the path to what they want.

Could Melissa create a website and learn all she needs on her own? Hell yes. And if she wanted to do that, I would support and empower her in that decision. But there is a quicker and faster way... me. She decided on her own, as a smart business woman that I can get her to that future growth faster than she could alone. (and in record time).

Our first meeting was on October 9th. By October 13th (a lucky day), Melissa's logo was complete, her branding package was done and her stunning website that is ready for clients and conversion was launched!

I am beyond excited to watch her grow and succeed. Moreso, I am beyond grateful that I get to be part of her journey!

There is no doubt that the girls in my current circle will succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Together, we support each other, empower each other and throw around gratitude like it's going out of style!

This is what I call a WIN-WIN!

PS She is certified in Thai Massage and during our photo shoot session, I got a quick stretch!

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