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Revitalizing Brilliance: Transforming Wendy's Website for Clarity and Impact

The efforts of redesigning Wendy's website was a dynamic fusion of creativity and strategy. Wendy of, is a vibrant business strategy consultant with a contagious and energetic personality, who had a website bursting with bright colors but lacked a cohesive flow and consistent messaging.

The challenge was to encapsulate the depth of Wendy's diverse offerings while maintaining a clear and niche-focused presentation for her target audience. By streamlining and refining her services, we not only attracted visitors but also ensured that the website became a gateway for potential clients.

The before-and-after transformation tells a compelling story of not just visual enhancement but strategic alignment, setting the stage for Wendy to captivate her audience with clarity and impact.



You can never get a full sense of the design in snipits from a cell phone so I invite you to head over and see her full site for yourself!

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