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If you Build it There's no Guarantee They will Come

If I build it and you sell it they will come graphic

While this was a fantastic movie... today's world of building a website will absolutely not guarantee anyone will visit it. Unless you invite them to come see it. Consistently.

When a client commissions me to build a website, my role extends beyond design. It involves crafting a professional site with meticulously curated sections, each now akin to a science. This also entails weaving a unique brand narrative and fine-tuning the site for optimal search engine visibility. However, beyond this, the onus is on the client to take the reins and attract traffic to this meticulously crafted site, primed for conversions.

It's not uncommon for there to be some confusion between marketing and sales. Even in my own quest for marketing opportunities, sales positions frequently dominate the search results. It's a common misconception. These are two separate realms, each with its own distinct set of principles.

While I can optimize a site for high conversions—a testament to a well-crafted site that garners trust from visitors—it's important to note that a website alone cannot drive traffic. Someone needs to extend the invitation to potential customers, encouraging them to explore.

And let's be clear, the ultimate solution isn't to simply post on social media with a casual 'hey, come check out my site' and expect a surge in sales. Social media is but one tool in the arsenal for driving traffic. It's a valuable tool among many. However, that's a discussion for another day—you can delve into it here.

The crux of this post is to emphasize that building a website is just the initial step, not a guarantee of sales.

Authentic, genuine efforts to drive traffic are what truly catalyze sales. So, take the plunge—and let's get started! I will build it, you will sell it... and they will come!
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