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I Built and Branded a Business in a Day!

As an experiment (and to see if I could pull it off), I built a brand new business from scratch in under a day! I went from Idea and vision to logistics, planning, designing and build-out in under a day.

In January 2024, I had an idea and without hesitation, I started bringing my vision into reality. I came up with a name, bought the domain, and started building the brand.

The idea was born out of necessity. I want to encourage my family and friends to purchase local gift cards for me on birthdays and holidays. Mainly because I want to support our local community but also because my family is scattered all over the Country and they don't necessarily have insight into my day-to-day which means they won't know what I want or need. So a gift card would suit me perfectly and allow me to get exactly what I want - as well as support my town.

With a website full of gift card choices, they get to choose what they want to gift me! It's such a win-win! So - I began building the platform...


  • Built website

  • Bought domain

  • Logistics and flow configuration

  • Built sign up form with uploads

  • Added 7 pages with all graphics and text

  • Included 4 listings

  • Created 30 graphics for social media

  • Created facebook business page

  • Pre-scheduled the 30 posts to auto post each day for the next 30 days

This is the business if you want to check it out:


Pretty pleased with the hussle. Stay tuned for the rest of the experiment. This is just part 1!


LESSON: keep growing. Keep learning. Keep pushing yourself!!! Because you CAN do anything you set your mind to!

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