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Email Marketing - What You Need to Know

Why Email Marketing is Critical

I recently spent some time learning over at the Omnisend Academy and here are the takeaways that

I would like to share with my clients.

The ROI (Return on Investment) of email marketing currently sits at 40:1.

A 40:1 ROI, or Return on Investment, indicates that for every one unit of currency (or any other form of investment) spent, you receive a return of forty units in profit or value. In other words, it signifies an exceptionally high return relative to the initial investment. This is a strong indicator of the effectiveness and profitability of an investment, demonstrating substantial gains compared to the amount initially put in. It's a desirable outcome for businesses and investors, showcasing a successful venture or campaign.

To put this in comparison for you, if you paid for an advertisement on something like google ads, the ROI is 2:1. So you can clearly see how valuable growing an email list is.

20-30% of ecommerce revenue is made by email marketing.

Create the perfect email marketing funnel:

  • Visitor to your site

  • Visitor signs up to join your list

  • Visitor becomes a first time buyer

  • Visitor becomes a repeat buyer

A website visitor who signs up to join your email list is 3x more likely to buy from you.

There is no immediate satisfaction with email marketing (as with all marketing), it's a long-term game.

Patience and CONSISTENCY is key. Key to building trust, which builds sales.

"No trust, no sale. No consistency, no trust." ~ Shelly

Lack of trust is the #1 reason people don't buy.

How to stay out of their spam:

  • Ensure your email newsletter is HIGH QUALITY!

  • Ensure authenticity

  • Never buy a contact list. Like ever.

Create a pop-up on your site:

  • Set to 10-seconds

  • Show pop-up again before they leave

  • 2-3% sign-up rate with a pop-up

  • (1.5-3% is considered good. 6-10% is as good as it gets)

  • Button should say 'Activate Discount' instead of 'join my list'


Automated email sent to new subscribers should contain their discount code and nothing else. Do not fill it with 'about me' or 'salesy materials' or 'more products'. They signed for one reason, give it to them.

If you send a second automated email, that is where you share your brand story, what makes you unique and sets you apart, client testimonials and the benefits of shopping with you.

An automated welcome new subscriber email and an abandoned cart automated email make up 50% of all email marketing conversions.

Abandoned cart example of a 'funny'... "Hey, it's the lost and found department, does this belong to you?"

To get a high converting email:

  • Go to for inspiration before sending any email

  • Subject line should be under 40 characters with 1 emoji only. Example: 75% off for Awesome Customers

  • Pre-header example: More gifts inside - something to create curiosity or intrigue.

  • Compelling Headline in email: Brand New Jewelry Just for You

  • Products must solve a problem, pain point.

  • No more than 2-3 calls to action in an email

  • Save the email as a template to use again and again with different content

If you want help getting your email out the door... I can help! Yes, you can do it and I support and empower you to do it on your own. But if you lack the time and your energy is better focused elsewhere, I am here for you.

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