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Airbnb Welcome Binder for The Salty Anchor

Creating a welcome binder for your airbnb

The Salty Anchor, Gulfport Florida

Superhost with an average 4.8 stars on Airbnb and over 900 reviews!

Shelly Straub created a welcome binder that can be used in all 4 units of this airbnb rental property.

This welcome binder sets the stage and tailors the tone for visitors. It includes the brand story of Nick, who owns the property and you might not think that is important but it is actually critical.

Vacationers typically want to stay in the most updated rental property for the least amount of money in the most optimal location. And when they walk in the door of The Salty Anchor, they know the location is spot on... right in the heart of a walkable beach town, and they know the price is fitting... but if they haven't explored Gulfport before, they may not understand that our town prides itself on historic charm. Nick purchased this 4 unit building because he fell in love with the architectural elements that give it so much character. The built-ins that have been there for decades may look outdated to some, but to others it is a gem! Having added Nick's story to the welcome binder allows his guests an understanding of him and the pride he has for this building that he worked so hard to purchase. Which in turn, gives him a much better chance at that 5 star review!

A welcome binder in your rental property is a MUST. If you have post-it notes of restaurants in the area shoved in a drawer... please contact me. I can help you create a simple binder that will tell your guests (without having to tell them), that you are grateful they chose to stay with you.

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